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!!> PDF / Epub ☉ The Selfish Genius: How Richard Dawkins Rewrote Darwin's Legacy ✩ Author Fern Elsdon-Baker – Pcusati.info Quite a technical swim into Darwin s theories and other scientist s work. Interesting presentation that makes clear some of the issues that the UK faces about religion and anti religion that are not the same in North America If Dawkins annoys you, this is the book for you There isn t really anything wrong with this book It just isn t very ground breaking.The subtitle of the book is How Richard Dawkins Rewrote Darwin s Legacy Elsdon Baker does not provide convincing evidence that Dawkins did, or does.Roughly, the first third of the book reviews views on evolution before and during Darwin s time The next third reviews challenges to Dawkins selfish gene hypothesis The final part reviews Dawkin s role as an educator of evolution and science.There isn t much in the book I would disagree with Are there challenges to the selfish gene in science Selection can definitely be argued to act at different levels Group selection is an intriguing idea, but there isn t much evidence for it Same for saltation though the idea that the species is selected for rather than a gene when a massive meteorite hits the earth is an interesting approach Epigenetics is certainly increasingly supported by evidence it was less so when the book was written in 2009 it is certainly ironic that Lamarckian influences appear to be real We don t know yet how much of a role epigenetics plays in evolution Still, the role of inherited genes is strong enough that I can trace my personal history all the way back to Africa 60,000 years ago and beyond National Geographic genomics project US 159 if inheritance were ruled by malle The late Stephen J gould believed that science and religion were an non overlapping magisteria clearly fearn E.baker belongs in that camp As toilet reding book it was a waste of time At 3 at the local bookstore it was a waste of money Her ad hominem arguments were boring, full of non sequiturs poorly at best As an atheist she is a disgrace she believes atheism is a form of rel Richard Dawkins Brand Of Evolutionary Theory Dominates Our Understanding Of Darwinism His Rhetoric Has Sidelined Serious Scientists Who Just Happen To Disagree With Him A Staunch Pro Scientist And Scholar Of Darwinian Evolution, Fern Elsdon Baker Explores The Historical, Philosophical, And Scientific Arguments That Are Revealing The Cracks In Dawkins Thinking.

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