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[Ebook] The Way of Jesus Christ  By Jürgen Moltmann – Pcusati.info The Way Of Jesus Christ Discusses The Following Topics 1 The Symbol Of The Way Embodies The Aspect Of Process And Brings Out Christology S Alignment Towards Its Goal This Symbol Can Comprehend Christ S Way From His Birth In The Spirit And His Baptism In The Spirit To His Self Surrender On Golgotha It Also Makes It Possible To Understand The Path Of Christ As The Way Leading From His Resurrection To His Parousia The Way He Takes In The Spirit To Israel, To The Nations, And Into The Breadth And Depth Of The Cosmos 2 The Symbol Of The Way Makes Us Aware That Every Human Christology Is Historically Conditioned And Limited Every Human Christology Is A Christology Of The Way, Not Yet A Christology Of The Home Country, A Christology Of Faith, Not Yet A Christology Of Sight So Christology Is No Than The Beginning Of Eschatology And Eschatology, As The Christian Faith Understands It, Is Always The Consummation Of Christology 3 Finally, But Not Least Important Every Way Is An Invitation A Way Is Something To Be Followed The Way Of Jesus Christ Is Not Merely A Christological Category It Is An Ethical Category Too Anyone Who Enters Upon Christ S Way Will Discover Who Jesus Really Is And Anyone Who Really Believes In Jesus And The Christ Of God Will Follow Him Along The Way He Himself Took Christology And Christopraxis Find One Another In The Full And Completed Knowledge Of Christ This Christology Links Dogmatics And Ethics In Closer Detail Than In The Previous Volumes.

10 thoughts on “The Way of Jesus Christ

  1. Gordon Gordon says:

    This is the first Jurgen Moltmann book that I have read cover to cover, and I found it to be an excellent, approachable book a good place to begin studying JM s theology Initially, I felt the book was a reasonable recommendation for someone who is not grounde

  2. Spencer Spencer says:

    Great book on Christology by Jurgen Moltmann Every book that guy writes is an event Moltmann has a bunch of concerns that form his reading of Christology He seeks to re situated Christology not in terms of the conservative traditional metaphysical categories two nat

  3. Douglas Douglas says:

    In general, I appreciate the theological work of J rgen Moltmann In this book, however, I noted the absence of a coherent thread, a leitmotif if you will, that holds together an otherwise rambling survey of contemporary christological proposals and constructs Apparently, t

  4. Dwight Davis Dwight Davis says:

    Moltmann here offers a messianic christology As is typical with Moltmann, the book is excellent I have a few minor quibbles, but overall I can t recommend this book highly enough Particularly helpful are the chapters on the resurrection and the parousia.

  5. Andy Gore Andy Gore says:

    As ever a mix of thought provoking, of not agreeing with, of always having your horizons broadened.

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