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[PDF / Epub] ✪ The Titan's Curse ☆ Rick Riordan – Pcusati.info A 84% Very Good NotesIt deals in decision and destiny, drawing by doubt, defeat, and demure desire the draining disquiet of deep devotion. Download The Titan S Curse Author Rick Riordan Thomashillier.co.uk IT S NOT EVERYDAY YOU FIND YOURSELF IN COMBAT WITH A HALF LION, HALF HUMAN.But When You Re The Son Of A Greek God, It Happens And Now My Friend Annabeth Is Missing, A Goddess Is In Chains And Only Five Half Blood Heroes Can Join The Quest To Defeat The Doomsday Monster.Oh, And Guess What The Oracle Has Predicted That Not All Of Us Will Survive This morning, while waiting with Celyn at her hospital appointment I told her I was going to write a review of the book I finished reading to her the night before and asked her if it deserved 5 She said it did So 5 it is.I picked this book up from Celyn s pile when we went off on her school trip a week in the wilds and being in a hurry I managed to get book 3 of the series rather than book 2 we read book 1 last year So we ve jumped over The Sea of Monsters but I don t think the reading experience suffered for it.The short version is if you enjoyed The Lightning Thief then you ll enjoy this one too The book is written in the same vein as the first, mining the Greek myths for monsters and plot, and mixing in an American road trip along with Percy s irreverent observations.We don t get much of Annabeth in the boo I have yet to be disappointed in this series A real rarity in a fantasy series in general.The story starts out with Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia trying to help Grover to sneak out two half bloods from a private military style school Things get immediately messy and they stumble upon yet another problem, or like a crisis In the process of a battle Annabeth is stolen away Something called The General is out again wrecking havoc and as you can already tell Luke has a hand in all this This time around though you see Luke for what he really is, a kid trying to play with the big boys We get to see the goddess Artemis and her huntresses Quite an intriguing bunch, eternal life if you don t fall in love Kind of harsh, but I guess the price you pay matches your reward The second in command of the huntresses, Zoe, would have to be my favorite new character She s prickly but you learn throughout the book why she is the way she is Bianca and Nico are the new half bloods and will prove to play important roles in how the plot moves along.It never fails to impress me how the author can intricately put everyt THE REVIEW IS POSTED3.8 Stars THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILER There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it I should ve written this review a few days ago but I didn t because I was pretty busy and well, lazy as well hahaha My first year in university has started since Monday and I have been pretty busy with tasks lately but I m enjoying my college life so far it s so much fun I m writing this review on my phone so I will add gifs and the quotes from the book later because I don t have the book with me right now What I didn t like To be honest, the whole thing about saving mission is pretty clich In the first book, Percy saved her mom, in the second book, Percy saved Grover and in this book, Percy saved Annabeth and it s pretty clich , you know now I m wondering what will happen in the fourth book I m hoping it won t be like this any I m not saying I didn t enjoy this book, I did enjoy this book but I just got a little bit bored with this whole saving mission I just want the three of them together Percy, Annabeth and Grover That s all Just like the first bo HADES Gahhhh this book series is amazing Nico at this point, percy does not give a fuck he would fistfight any greek god, at any point, for no reason, just because he can and im hugely here for it review to come See this review and like it on www.bookbastion.netPercy Jackson Reviews The Lightning Thief The Sea of Monsters The Titan s Curse The Battle of the Labyrinth RTCThe Last Olympian RTCThe child in me is forever kicking myself every time I finish one of these books that I didn t read it sooner Ironically, a series that I think is perfect for getting young boys into reading is one that I somehow passed over entirely when I was a kid Like the previous two entries in the series, there s magic and mayhem and an awful lot of mythology One thing I find so great about this series is the way it serves as a vehicle to inform and educate young readers Obvious, it offers mythology with its own twist, but it s also informative towards the original stories Even when things differ for the sake of Percy s adventures there s usually an excuse given in the storytelling Jam packed with action and sword fights and memorable villains I feel like had I read this as a kid I would have been obsessed with it, right along with Harry Potter I had small issues with this book that brough you know I would be proud of myself for finally reading something unrelated to the All For the Game series but now I m going to binge reread the rest of this series and get obsessed all over again Another 5 stars book from Riordan Are you really surprised There seems to be a recurring theme with me and my favorite series I always wait years before giving them a try and after that I kick myself for not doing it sooner I did that with Harry Potter, then with Tunnels by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams , then with Eragon, then with Robert Langdon Even with The Lord of the Rings Not one of my favorites was read on time.And Percy Jackson shares a lot of similarities with those books, especially Harry Potter I said this before in a review, I think, but the main themes explored by the books are the same friendship and family, courage and fortitude in dark times.And they both also share the beautiful fact that they have a great great, great villain Seriously now, Luke is so damn great The one thing that made me shake my fist like an old man was Annabeth missing for a large chunk of the book It was a smart plot device for another adventure, but oh man, I missed h

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