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!!> Reading ➳ Titan  ➬ Author Hugh Beckstead – Pcusati.info Life Already Seemed Hard Enough For Teenager, Michael Novak Balancing A Girlfriend, A Part Time Job, And Avoiding Torment From His Bully Of An Older Brother Then Michael Discovers A Magical Ring That Grants Him Superpowers And Turns Him Into The Superhero Titan Once He Accepts His New Role He Is Plunged Into A World Of Action, Danger, And Villainy That Is Than He Could Ever Have Imagined Now, Only Titan Can Save His Home Of Delta City From The Clutches Of Mysterious Criminal Kingpin Mr Midnight.

15 thoughts on “Titan

  1. Hugh Beckstead Hugh Beckstead says:

    Titan The Midnight Hour is the first book that I have ever written It was a big bold step for me in something that I have always wanted to do I ahev always had numerous ideas and concepts for stories that I eventually wanted to tell but never thought I would Then one day, with my w

  2. Wanda Gibbons Wanda Gibbons says:

    A former student wrote this novel I am impressed Titan is exciting and will appeal to junior high and division 2 students mostly boys There is suspense, bad guys, fighting, guns, fire, a girl, lots of action and a super hero What do boys need for a great story Action is well described and

  3. Joy Curtis Joy Curtis says:

    I was at first totally unimpressed and then I continued to read the word choice especially for dialog was poor but what I began to love was the brothers relationship the younger brother turns into a supt hero and he finds his older brother becoming involved in crime I liked this perspective because

  4. Sandy Grissett Sandy Grissett says:

    Action packedThis was a great book I don t read a lot of Super Hero s yet I enjoyed this one A young boy named Michael and his brother Vince live with their blind grandfather after their parents die After a robbery Michael finds a ring and once he puts it on he becomes Titan He h...

  5. Melissa S Melissa S says:

    Titan The Midnight Hour is good, clean entertainment in a violent day and age As a superhero should, Titan provides an upstanding, morally sound and confident role for a child to follow invaluable to a growing imagination A wild enough story for an adult to accidentally become glued to its ...

  6. Jim Henry Jim Henry says:

    Great book

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