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!!> BOOKS ✻ Topsiders  ✴ Author Scott Tyson – Pcusati.info Ebook Topsiders By Scott Tyson Bassgrotto.co.uk An Abandoned House By The Edge Of The River Uninhabited For Decades A Secret As Old As Time Itself A Truth Hidden From The Topsiders But That S About To Change When All The Adults Suddenly Disappear, Mathew Convinces His Older Brother That Something Is Very Wrong Their Search Leads Them To A Place They Never Knew Existed A Place That Will Have Them Question Everything They Knew About Life.Soon, The Truth.

10 thoughts on “Topsiders

  1. Kaisersoze Kaisersoze says:

    The following was originally posted at Horror After Dark and is based on a copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.When you review books for a blog every so often you put your hand up for something suspecting it won t really be all that good,

  2. Matthew Baker Matthew Baker says:

    Topsidershttp www. Topsiders Scottby Scott Tysonhttp urbanhorror.blogspot.com Release Date December 6, 2013Publisher LegumeMan Bookshttp www.legumeman.com When it comes to horror in general, there are many avenues through which terror can be unleashed One of my favorites is

  3. Jake Jake says:

    I really enjoyed Topsiders To be honest I haven t read much horror other than H.P Lovecraft and other Lovecraftian horror books, so I wasn t sure what to expect with Topsiders.My girlfriend had read it and said it was good, plus i thought it would be kind of cool to read a book by a

  4. Greg Chapman Greg Chapman says:

    This is a fine debut from Aussie author Scott Tyson.The book, which tells the story of an ill fated expedition to an abandoned house, starts off slowly, introducing us to the main characters of Mathew and his father Bill from separate POVs.Although the first half of the book might seem to focu

  5. Geoff Geoff says:

    Good, solid first novel that should be read by any Laymon or Steve Gerlach fan

  6. Erik Smith Erik Smith says:

    Full disclosure I was a beta reader for this book Yup That s me in the acknowledgements and the author sent a copy to me when the book was published That being saidI very much enjoy Topsiders by Scott Tyson It s difficult to talk about the plot without giving anything away let s just say that there is a point whe

  7. Dean Knowsley Dean Knowsley says:

    I finished this book in one sitting A real page turner is a phrase that is used so cheaply these days, however this book is one of those genuine can t turn the page fast enough to see what happens next affairs.The author cleverly weaves a story around a family, a family that is recognisable as any family you have ever know

  8. Amanda J Spedding Amanda J Spedding says:

    I very much enjoyed this read but I m going to begin this review with a disclaimer It s fair to say quite a few of my reviews will have a disclaimer of sorts as a writer, I have a lot of writerly friends and colleagues who pen the genre I love reading, so there s bound to be cross overs from time to time Scott Tyson falls into the c

  9. Annabella Annabella says:

    I really don t know what sort of review to write for this book One minute I really liked it, on the other hand I didn t I think all the excellent reviews and the high rating of this book made me have high expectations which were not met.Although it was a short read I still managed to get to know the characters quiet well and even got attached

  10. Mel Mel says:

    I read this book in one sitting as I just had to know what was going on.For quite a short book I still managed to get to know the characters, especially Mathew and his father Bill I did get quite attached to ...

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