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!!> Epub ➜ Tour De France For Dummies ➛ Author Phil Liggett – Pcusati.info A Plain English Guide To The World S Most Famous And Grueling Bicycle RaceFeaturing Eight Pages Of Full Color Photos From Recent Tour De France Races, This Easy To Follow, Entertaining Guide Demystifies The History, Strategy, Rules, Techniques, Equipment, And Competitors In What Is Arguably The Most Grueling And Intriguing Multiday, Multistage Sporting Event In The World Cowritten By The Most Popular English Speaking Cycling Commentator On The Planet, This Book Is Great Reading For Both Experienced And The New Bicycle Racing Fans Alike

10 thoughts on “Tour De France For Dummies

  1. Chris Chris says:

    Very very basic level introduction to the event and unfortunately because of when the book came out in the mid noughties its chock full of positive references towards He Who Must Not Be Named The lists of cycling websites are obviously hideously dated at this point too.

  2. William Thomas William Thomas says:

    After reading I did not understand team scoring Too much of what fans wear fluff.

  3. Suzie Suzie says:

    Book about the Tour de France, the only sporting event I have ever bought PPV access to I went a bit mad, but seriously it s NOT THAT EXPENSIVE I wanted, I think, about twice as many deeply detailed descriptions of how things work, because that is the type of reader I am The chapters are written so that you

  4. Phil George Phil George says:

    I finally managed to understand the team tactics of the Tour after reading the 2nd Lance Armstrong book and then this one This book is pretty good and gives a lot of insight into the tactics and the history of the tour along with some interesting facts along the way Overall, not a bad read if a little repetitive i

  5. Laura Laura says:

    Reading this really helped me enjoy watching the race both live and on tv this summer Now that Lance A will be riding again next year, I recommend this as a good primer for those who want to learn the nuts and bolts of the race such as the significance of the polka dot, white, rainbow, and yellow jerseys.

  6. Becky Becky says:

    This is a fantastic resource with answers to nearly all questions one might come up with while watching the race Unfortunately it will probably need to be updated with an entire chapter devoted to doping.

  7. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    usefull, interesting and easy to read except for all the typos

  8. Melissa Hiett Melissa Hiett says:

    Great info but notcurrentI d like to see a newcurrent edition But there is a ton of great info in this book I learned so much.

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