Unless a Love Be Free Epub ñ a Love Be Epub µ

Unless a Love Be Free Epub ñ a Love Be  Epub µ Two souls with the same dream two wounded hearts fiercely protectedFalling in love surprised them neither anticipated what love would teach McKenzie Campbell has vowed never to love again Widowed from an abusive husband, she tries not to remember what she once believed about love or the feel of a man s arms around her, the passion sparked by a kiss Garrick Stuart has a reputation of cunning and ruthless disregard for the law Arriving on George Island as shackled prisoner, Garrick believes all is lost George Island prison has a reputation as well No one has ever escaped It is here he will live out the consequences of a reputation that far outweighs his crimes A momentary encounter with McKenzie shakes the darkness from his soul He cannot, will not, give up his freedom without a fight When the moment presents itself, he risks it all to make one last bid for escapeUnless A Love Be Free is not the usual set in England man of noble birth meets spunky rags to riches heroine story It is the tale of two people, prisoners of their pasts, who share a dream of freedom When they meet, each believes freedom is to be found elsewhere, somewhere other than where they are As their stories unwind and combine, as curiosity leads to a fragile bond of trust, both begin to understand that what they seek is within their reach, built on a foundation of self acceptance and honesty, nurtured by love Their odyssey begins in the confines of an island prison and climaxes on the vast reaches of the open sea, a physical metaphor for the journey of their hearts A ripping yarn of freedom and fortitude and love in its purest form. If I wasof a naive reader I wouldn t have seen what was happening But I knew what was coming I did like the book The author could usefinesse in the future from hiding what happened from the readers Suspense but I recommend the read.

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