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[Download] ➾ Velázquez  Author Jonathan Brown – Pcusati.info In This Volume, An Art Historian And A Conservation Scientist Discuss The Techniques Velazquez Created In Order To Realize His Artistic Vision Examining 30 Works By Velazquez That Span His Entire Career, The Authors Show How His Technical Achievement Developed Over Time. This covers a lot of Velazquez s painting and is very in depth to different interpretations I recommend to any Art HIstory buff or someone who has to do a Velazquez research paper. This is a fantastic book Especially for anyone interested in the techniques of Velasquez It is loaded with beautiful prints of Velasquez s work, many of which are full page detail shots the kind that painters drool over It also has sufficient information on the progression of Velasquez s methods most interesting are the differences in the painter s work before and after he spent an illuminating month with Reubens, as well as the differences between his ear The detail photos of the paintings are outstanding. Incredible insight on his painting methods, from x rays to palette dissections this book is to die for for painters. Excellent discussion of Diego de Velazquez and his techniques for creating thirty paintings currently in the Museo Nacional de Prado Velazquez was apprenticed to a philosopher and painter at age 11, and at age 18 was able to gain Philip IV s favor Philip was 16 He then spent the rest of his life painting for the court in Spain and Italy He was a very intelligent painter with a library of 150 books on mathematics, anatomy, chemistry in 16

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