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[PDF] ↠ Vexing the Viscount (Wise Woman, #3)  Author Christie Kelley – Pcusati.info Only Her Fire.As The Reluctant New Viscount Middleton, Braden Tavers Already Has Several Reputations To Save Including His Own So It S Imperative He Rescue His Estate S Healer Tia Featherstone From Her Impetuous Plan To Find His Rakehell Brother Jonathon And He Ll Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Her Determined Spirit And Unworldly Charms At Arm S Length But Protecting This Stubborn Beauty From Himself Is Only Stoking An Irresistible Desire And An Insidious Danger Threatening Them Both.Can Win His Heart.Tia Must Get Jonathon Back Under Her Care Before His Unforgiving Brother Discovers How Ill He Truly Is But Searching London S Most Scandalous Hellholes And Staying Two Steps Ahead Of Braden Is Uncovering The Viscount S Deepest Secrets And A Longing To Make His Wounded Heart Her Own To Save Him, She Must Risk A Deception That Could Put His Past To Rest Or Separate Them Forever.

10 thoughts on “Vexing the Viscount (Wise Woman, #3)

  1. Farrah Farrah says:

    An enjoyable read, filled with sweet romance, twists, and a surprising betrayal, Vexing the Viscount was a wonderful historical romance I really liked this book It was a lovely addition to a fantastic series.Tia was a great heroine She was strong, clever, and determined not to let anyone rule over her My only issue was that, when things got emotion

  2. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    This book is the third installment of the Wise Woman Series This book can be read as a standalone or part of the series Viscount Middleton, Braden Tavers was sent on a course to bring his tenants wise woman back home Hestia Featherstone, a wise woman aka healer and midwife for the Middleton Estates Tia went to London to find Jonathon, Braden s brother Tia is

  3. Vikki Vaught Vikki Vaught says:

    This one has a great ending, but some of the story line was too similar to the second book Happy reading

  4. Heather andrews Heather andrews says:

    It was hook, line, and sinker for me once I realized how saucy Tia is, I wouldn t try that if I were you, my lord I am a wise woman and therefore know all the delicate places on a man s body She raised a brow as her gaze slid down his body until reaching the junction of his legs Braden I loved him, I did not ask you here to warm my bed A slow smile drew his full lips upward At

  5. Anna Anna says:

    Fantastic ReadingThe first two books in this trilogy we re great reads and the final book did not let me down The conclusion to this trilogy is funny, sad, fun believable characters with a little danger thrown in Loved it couldn t stop reading it If you enjoy reading romance at it s best make ...

  6. Lisa Baffi Lisa Baffi says:

    Three stars This was a good love story I liked the steamy sex scenes Also, the friendship between the wise women was good However, like the other two stories, it seemed to be a long winded story.

  7. Patty McKenna Van Hulle Patty McKenna Van Hulle says:

    You gonna love this BAD BOY trying to be good, but the SPUNKY heroine weaves a utterly decadent spell reforms his BAD BOY for herself Tia Featherstone is Middleton s Wise Woman, who is the unofficial doc of the region She trained by her mom s side can stich folks up, deliver a baby treat illness, but she just lost a child to a poison she planted Tia meets Viscount Middleton s brother, Jonathan, over the sum

  8. Kiltsandswords Kiltsandswords says:

    The story of Tia and Braden was captivating I honestly didn t expect to find this book so interesting There are some parts of it that seemed farfetched for the time period A single woman traversing through England and London all on her own, thinking she is the only one who can find and save Jonathon from his demons, and disappearing for weeks with a new friend to suddenly join the aristocracy However, I didn t have t

  9. Janell Sutherland Janell Sutherland says:

    This book introduced me to a phrase I d not yet come across in historical romances a wise woman It s a job title for a midwife healer, and apparently the skills are passed from mother to daughter This is the third book in a series about wise women, but I hadn t read the prior books and had no trouble following the plot Tia Featherstone is the wise woman for the Midlands estate of Viscount Middleton As the story begins, she s a

  10. April Hollingworth April Hollingworth says:

    Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThis is the third book in the trilogy and can be read as a standalone I must also add I found it fantastic and will now read the first two books I highly recommend this fantastic historical romance Filled with danger and intrigue it is absolutely brilliant.Opening Scene Staffordshire, England, 1814The door to Braden Taver s study hurled open and crashed against the wall.The Review Braden Travers Visc

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