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!!> Reading ➵ Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist ➭ Author Franchesca Ramsey – Pcusati.info In This Sharp, Funny, And Incredibly Timely Collection Of Personal Essays, Veteran Video Blogger And Star Of MTV S Decoded Franchesca Ramsey Explores Race, Identity, Online Activism, And The Downfall Of Real Communication In The Age Of Social Media Rants, Trolls, And Call Out Wars Franchesca Ramsey Didn T Set Out To Be An Activist Or A Comedian Or A Commentator On Identity, Race, And Culture, Really But Then Her YouTube Video What White Girls Say To Black Girls Went Viral Twelve Million Views Viral Faced With An Avalanche Of Media Requests, Fan Letters, And Hate Mail, She Had Two Choices Jump In And Make Her Voice Heard Or Step Back And Let Others Frame The Conversation After A Crash Course In Social Justice And Than A Few Foot In Mouth Moments, She Realized She Had A Unique Talent And Passion For Breaking Down Injustice In America In Ways That Could Make People Listen And Engage.In Her First Book, Ramsey Uses Her Own Experiences As An Accidental Activist To Explore The Many Ways We Communicate With Each Other From The Highs Of Bridging Gaps And Making Connections To The Many Pitfalls That Accompany Talking About Race, Power, Sexuality, And Gender In An Unpredictable Public Spacethe Internet Well, That Escalated Quickly Includes Ramsey S Advice On Dealing With Internet Trolls And Low Key Racists, Confessions About Being A Former Online Hater Herself, And Her Personal Hits And Misses In Activist Debates With Everyone From Bigoted Facebook Friends And Misguided Relatives To Mainstream Celebrities And YouTube Influencers With Sharp Humor And Her Trademark Candor, Ramsey Shows Readers We Can Have Tough Conversations That Move The Dialogue Forward, Rather Than Backward, If We Just Approach Them In The Right Way.

10 thoughts on “Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist

  1. da AL da AL says:

    Engaging and likable with complete patience and lots of self disclosure Ramsey teaches us how to be higher minded while reassuring us that it s an ongoing process for her too.

  2. Andi Andi says:

    HOLY SHIT I WON MY FIRST GOODREADS BOOK So excited to read this tear Okay So thank you goodreads for picking me ME to review this book and the dozen of others who have read it, you get appraise too But seriously, I am proud to finally be one of those people who can write a goodread

  3. Megan (Best of Fates) Megan (Best of Fates) says:

    This book is less memoir and guide to how to critique and be critiqued, told through her own mistakes and experiences I have somewhat followed Fran s career i.e I followed her on Snapchat and tried to remember to watch The Nightly Show so was somewhat f...

  4. Brown Girl Reading Brown Girl Reading says:

    Video review

  5. Hanna Hanna says:

    Franchesca Ramsey has been an Internet personality I ve enjoyed watching since she joined MTV s Decoded She s smart, open, and willing to learn just as much as she s willing to guide teach This book was basically activism 101, and is absolutely something I would have enjoyed deeper if It had come up a few ye

  6. Lauren Salisbury Lauren Salisbury says:

    I received an advanced reader copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway I ve been a fan of Franchesca Ramsey for a while and have followed her success and evolution from YouTuber to panelist on The Nightly Show with Larry Wil and host of MTV s Decoded. Ramsey s book recounts this journey for those who may be unf

  7. Christina Marie Christina Marie says:

    I listened to this on audiobook I honestly thought I would like it than I actually did I didn t dislike it by any means It just made me realize that I don t have to agree with or share in the philosophies of all black activists A lot of what was portrayed in this book was interesting and I DID agree with It was nice learning

  8. Naeemah Huggins Naeemah Huggins says:

    I learned a whole lot The internet is mean, people can be hateful and we live in the era of call out culture I also learned that it s important to respect the culture and sensitivities of others, to stand solidly in my own truth while keeping an empathetic mindset and that it s useless to argue with internet trolls.Francesca moved my

  9. Shana Shana says:

    I won an ARC of this book through a GoodReads giveaway This book strikes a remarkable balance between Franchesca Ramsey s personal experiences quirks, snafus, and all and reader education Because she so deftly switches between the two, it never comes across as preachy or holier than thou, and that s hard to do She is humble, and yet clearly ex

  10. Kassie Kassie says:

    I loved so much of this book.

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