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Download ➵ Wild Ride Author Chantal Fernando – Internationally Bestselling Author Chantal Fernando Brings Fans Another Sexy Motorcycle Novella In The Wind Dragons MC Series, As Rival Club President Talon Has To Decide What S Dangerous Facing Down The WDMC, Or Losing His Heart To A Woman Under Their ProtectionTalon Has A Complicated Relationship With The Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club He S The President Of Their Rival Club, The Wild Men, But He S Also Related To One Of Their Members Who Hates Him He Could Handle That, But He S Also Got Problems In His Own Club Someone Is Leaking Information And Disrupting Their Business, But Talon Can T Find The Mole So The Last Thing He Needs Is Even Complication In The Form Of A Beautiful Single Mother Who S Bolder Than Half The Bikers On His Squad But He Can T Take His Eyes Or His Hands Off HerTia S Always Been A Little Reckless, Up For A Good Time Wherever She Found It, But She S Also A Great Mom To Her Young Son So Even Though She Thinks Talon Is Basically Sex On A Stick, When She Realizes She Wants To Be To Him Than Just A Club Groupie, She Has To Take Things A Bit Slow Plus, A Momentary Attraction, No Matter How Smoking Hot, Isn T Worth Risking Her Son S Happiness In Any Way Is There Any Chance That Talon Might Be Up For A Permanent Arrangement Or Has Tia Leapt Before Looking Once Again

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  1. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    NOW LIVEUSUK Barnes Noble I love Chantal Fernando s writing, and this series is my favorite by her But unfortunately this book didn t live up to what I ve come to expect from her I liked storyline of Tia and Talon, but the execution behind it lacked something for me When I saw that Talon was getting a book I was way beyond excited because I ve wanted to knowabout him since we were first introduced in Arrow s Hell I c

  2. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    Before ya ll get too excited, let me say that this is not Talon s full story This details Talon and Tia s beginnings and sets up some of what Talon is dealing with in his club probably to introduce somecharacters from his side of the world While it left me feeling unfulfilled because nothing was really resolved, I liked how these two got together in every sense of the word It was so sexy I do get a feel for their perso

  3. Maria... Maria... says:

    3 Sad starsThis is how I felt when I finished this book But then I thought I must be doing something wrong, this can t be happening Well obviously the joke was on me I mean I get it it s a short story but come on we were left withquestions than the actual book And I wasn t able to enjoy what was happening because it was too damn short lived Why would you do that Talon and Tia deserved so much .And what the HELL with the

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review Chantal Fernando sure knows hot to sink her claws as or should I say Talon into the hearts of her readers as she took us on one wild sexual tension MC romance ride I will be completely honest here, I didn t know that Ms Fernando was releasing a novella a few weeks after the release of Rake s Redemption. After devouring Rake s Redemption, I was craving for Talon to

  5. Paige Paige says:

    3 Series StarsWild Ride is the continuation of the Wind Dragons MC series It follows Talon, who is not actually part of the Wind Dragons, but we ve met in previous books because of his ties to the club As the head of a rival club turned ally club, there is still a wide bridge to gap before the two clubs get along Then he meets Tia who is best friends with one of the Wind Dragon s Old Ladies and he can t get her off his mind

  6. Erth Erth says:

    Although I really liked Wild Ride, I thought it was way too short and not developed enough Talon is the president of the Wild Men MC and was worth a full length novel in my opinion I even think his MC deserves its own series but obviously not if we re getting this Novella of his story.It left my feeling so unfulfilled and nothing was really resolved at the end Maybe this is to introduceof his story through the Wind Dragon seri

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Wild Ride was a waste of an hour and it makes me question whether I want to continue with the series a series that, imo, should be a spin off titled Wild Men Motorcycle Club And I just five starred Rake s Redemption I know Fernando can do better Grrthat s why this lazily written novella ticks me off so much Plus I had high expectations for Talon and Tia and this book did not do them proper justice.This book was so underwhelming

  8. Libby Harrison Libby Harrison says:

    ARC provided by NetGalley Beware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Tia 2 5Hero Talon 2 5Plot 3 5Grovel noneCheating technically noneHEA Cliffhanger did not know is was going to end like this Triggers H sleeps with OW and pretends it s the hAverage score 2.5 5Personal Review This was a romance between a single mother and a President of a MC Aside from some repetition which started to become annoying , it was an ok read If you like C

  9. Laurie Laurie says:

    I m totally bummed by this and not just a little bit mad I really like the Wind Dragons series and was thrilled Talon was getting his own book Lots of introspection among the MC s, time lapses, not a lot of action, and not even a real HEA or even a HFN they are just dating , plus a cliffhanger ending it feels like this wasn t even a complete book 2 Completely Disappointed Stars.

  10. ~ Cariad ~ ~ Cariad ~ says:

    Fuck me That ending was abrupt Had me checking my kindle had finished on the right page WTF That said, it could have been a ploy to get me to start the next one well, it worked, seems I m becoming this author s very willing whore Loved Tia and Talon, needof a HEA though hopefully that ll be in Wolf s Mate

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