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[Ebook] Years Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 2  By Kathe Koja – Pcusati.info 3.7 My literary tastes trend toward the grindhouse Schlock, melodrama, and spooky spectacle of the un ironic variety To continue to couch this in terms of the cinema, I prefer John Carpenter over David Lynch Stuart Gordon over Lars von Trier Whatever weird fiction might mean, I often than not prefer it to mean horror, and within that association, I like monsters, creepy settings, unsettling imagery, and a little action That s not to say that I don t enjoy fiction that s intellectual or cerebral But I like what I read to strike a balance somewhere between fun and intellectual, with the slider closer to the former It s all art to me, man whether it s the rickety spookhouse ride or the ballet.I just tend to have fun at the spookhouse.It is, however, with great pleasure that I devoured Year s Best Fiction Volume Two edited by Kathe Koja and Michael Kelly Koja is a powerful writer and artist, and Kelly s voluminous reading of horror and weird literature is award worthy unto itself Together, they ve curated a book of sterling quality diversity in stories, modes, and authorship alike This is elite weird fiction yes, even literary in its aspirations done completely right.Not every story was my bag of popcorn, of course But what makes this collection great is that, even when I didn t vibe with a particular style or narrative, I still recognized that the writing was ma After talking to Nathan Ballingrud on my podcast, I have been keeping my eye out for stories of his I had not yet read I knew The Atlas of Hell was in this volume, and I had seen acclaim for the anthology over all So I actually bought this for myself This is only exclamation worthy because I already have a big shelf of unread anthologies of short stories at my house And one of my reading goals for 2016 is to get through some of them It makes perfect sense that I would instead buy a new one It is always daunting to approach an anthology so this time I went with the authors I had previously read first Nathan Ballingrud, Karen Joy Fowler, and Karen Tidbeck then to the authors I at least have on my radar and have meant to read Julio Cortazar, Caitlin Kiernan, Usman T Malik last I read the others I find it impossible to summarize these stories as a whole because weird fiction is weird For some it means tweaks of fantasy, fairy tale, or horror for others it is metaphoring the heck out of an idea still others take a normal place or situation and turn it on its YEAR S BEST WEIRD FICTION VOL 2 What is most immediately noticeable in Kathe Koja and Michael Kelly s handsome collection of twenty stories designed by Vince Haig with luscious cover art by Tomasz Alen Kopera, is that the quality of the writing is consistently high and the range of stories represented pleasingly wide which means that the reviewer s task is made easier than is sometimes the case when a collection is less well considered Year s Best Weird Fiction Volume Two includes fabulist stories, stories of pure fantasy and stories in which fantasy is meshed into realistic settings Amongst the characters represented there are witches, mermaid like creatures, shape shifting entities, a werewolf, creatures from ancient mythology, a changeling, a seraphim, peculiar animals, and a ghoul.One of the memes in the collection is the shape shifter idea, found in Nathan Ballingrud s The Atlas of Hell, a gritty fantasy set in New Orleans with enticingly dramatic scenes, and also in Siobhan Carroll s atmospheric Wendigo Nights set in the Artic where a canister is found buried in the ice In Nine, a well paced story about Juju with a slow reveal written by Kima Jones, shape shifting entities and I like the fact that every volume in this series will have a different editor It gives each volume a slightly different feel and it pushes the limits of what weird fiction really is, and can be There is some truly bizarre stuff in here, my Perhaps not as viscerally haunting as the first volume edited by Laird Barron , Year s Best Weird Fiction 2 maintains the high quality standard of contemporary dark fiction Editors Kathe Koja and Michael Kelly pick from wide source of the supernatural and the subli This second edition is as good, if not better, than the previous first, in my humble opinion And I really enjoyed the first I dig Koja s taste in stories, which seems to favor direct language and bizarrely beautiful characters, with a bit o As always with the Year s Best Weird Fiction series, there are some wonderful stories here but the change of editors each time also brings some surprises This is possibly mainstream literary than some weird collections one of the stories first appeared in Granta , but the quality is still consistently excellent Particular standouts from Nathan Ballingrud, Usman T Malik, Karin Tidbeck and Charles Wilkinson, but so much weird goodness on display here Such a shame to hear that the serie Moving from the first volume, curated by Laird Barron, to this one, overseen by Kathe Koja, I find that, for the most part, the tendencies I set forth for the fuzzy set of weird fiction mostly hold true This is good because I definitely don t have it in me to try anything like that again Part of this, I have to admit, is me being a contrarian sick of the explosion of listicles and think pieces and articles on weird fiction these days, which possibly hit rock bottom with this article, which somehow recapitulates the standard tactic of pointing to weird fiction as the genre that transcends genre without ever using the word weird, in favor of the bland to the point of meaninglessness the new fantastic evinced by the ways in which something deviates from a normativity Anyway.Where Barron s selections last year tended to align with my suspicion that weird fiction is just a specific subset of horror, Koja s choices tend toward dark fantasy with a whimsical sensibility Link than Ligotti, let s say This difference in approach is apparent even from their introductions Barron references Blackwood s The Willows, while Koja s touchstone is the quirky town Riddle from the sort of Bob Dylan biopic I m Not Here Koja s selections, too, are less likely to riff on classics of the genre, concerning themselves instead with folktales kappa than Cthulhu I ll stop The main difference from my schema f Acclaimed Author Kathe Koja Brings Her Expert Eye And Editorial Sense To The Second Volume Of The Year S Best Weird Fiction Contributing Authors Include Julio Cortazar, Jean Muno, Karen Joy Fowler, Caitlin R Kiernan, Nick Mamatas, Carmen Maria Machado, Nathan Ballingrud, And No Longer The Purview Of Esoteric Readers, Weird Fiction Is Enjoying Wide Popularity Chiefly Derived From Early 20th Century Pulp Fiction, Its Remit Includes Ghost Stories, The Strange And Macabre, The Supernatural, Fantasy, Myth, Philosophical Ontology, Ambiguity, And A Healthy Helping Of The Outre At Its Best, Weird Fiction Is An Intersecting Of Themes And Ideas That Explore And Subvert The Laws Of Nature It Is Not Confined To One Genre, But Is The Most Diverse And Welcoming Of All Genres.

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