10 thoughts on “Youll Soon Grow into Them, Titch

  1. Volkert Volkert says:

    Titch inherits cloths from his brother and sister which are too big for him, but the tables turn when his mother comes home with a new baby whom he presents with his old clothes Heartwarming story with a nice rhythm and resolution.

  2. Jasmine Caines Jasmine Caines says:

    The story follows Titch who needs new clothes as he has grown out of his old ones His brother therefore offers him his old trousers which are too small for him, but too big for Titch, who is told You ll soon grow into them This repeats with his sister offering Titch her jumper, now too small for her, but too big for Titch, who is again told You ll soon grow into them This goes on with

  3. ESF Tsing Yi ESF Tsing Yi says:

    A classic tale from Pat Hutchins about sharing and wearing hand me downs Titch is the smallest in his family, and so his clothes are always too big, as he needs to grow into his older siblings castoffs But he won t always be the smallest great for encouraging children to reflect on how t...

  4. Sharlene Sharlene says:

    You ll Soon Grow Into Them Titch , by Pat Hutchins, revolves around Titch, who receives hand me downs from his older siblings as his clothes have become for too small for him.This would be a fantastic book to read out aloud, for all the children to experience to...

  5. Miss Sarah Miss Sarah says:

    titch needs some new clothes so his siblings give him some of theirs but they are too big for him They say he ll grow into them What will titch do when a new baby comes home Will he share too Nice lessons in family and sharing.

  6. Cece Cece says:

    This book is about a little boy who receives his siblings hand me downs After the birth of his new baby brother, Titch is given the opportunity to pass all of his hand me downs to his younger sibling.

  7. Lauren Brown Lauren Brown says:

    Titch was constantly getting hand me downs which most every younger sibling can relate to Then after another baby was born the hand me downs went to that baby The illustrations in this book are hilarious This is a good read aloud book.

  8. Michele Knott Michele Knott says:

    Cute story about the youngest brother who always gets hand me downs that never quite fit properly Good to tie in with the theme, you ll grow into them one day you ll be able to do something be ready for something.

  9. Rebecca Dean Rebecca Dean says:

    This is a great book to read to your class suring a sharing unit It would also be good for family Cute book

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