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[Reading] ➹ Zodiac Tarot/Tarot Del Zodiaco  ➯ Lee Bursten – Pcusati.info The Ultimate Blending Of Astrology And The TarotMany Astrologers Today Are Trying To Bring Concepts Of Their Science Out Of The Archaic Victorian Past And Into The Present And Future This Trend Is Combined With One Of The Best Planned Tarot Decks Ever The Major Arcana Cards Associated With Planets Show People From A Family On Them Grandparents, Parents, A Son, Daughter And Baby These Family Members Appear Later On The Minor Arcana Cards In Astrology There Are Three Qualities Called Quadruplicities Because Each Appears Four Times Through The Zodiacal Signs In The Majors, The Cardinal Signs Have Images Of Daytime The Mutable Cards Show Images Of Sunrise Or Sunset The Fixed Signs Show Images Of Night.The Art On This Deck Is Wonderful, Covering The Full Spectrum From Light To Dark, Happy To Sad This Is Highly Appropriate Due To The Nature Of Astrological Interpretation Today Modern Astrologers Often Focus On Contemporary Concepts Of Psychological Balance And Understanding Many Of The Meanings Of The Cards Explained In The Included Booklet Are Associated With Modern Psychological Theory Therefore, Be Very Careful When Using This Deck Perhaps Than Any Other Tarot Deck This Can Have A Devastating Impact On The People You Read For.As A Benefit, Most Of The Associations Are Linked To The Astrological And Tarot Associations Of The Famous Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn Thus It Is Perfect For People Trying To Learn That System Tarot, Astrology And The Golden Dawn Don T Pass This Up

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